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Halloween MSN Emoticons 1

Halloween MSN Emoticons 1: Animated Halloween MSN Emoticons for MSN Messenger Animated Halloween MSN Emoticon installer adds the highest quality of animated emoticons ( also called emotions and smiles ) into your MSN Messenger account to use in your instant message conversations with your friends and family. There is no need to browse and select the graphics, or to select a shortcut. This edition of Emoinstaller contains spooky Halloween themed emoticons. Your instant messages will soon be Halloween inspired!

IMMonitor Enterprise 2.0: Monitor all instance message conversations and Email message on LAN
IMMonitor Enterprise 2.0

message conversations on your LAN, include AOL(AIM),ICQ,MSN,YAHOO and so on. It can be installed at every computer on the LAN and is able to record conversations and chat messages automatically. By using IMMonitor Enterprise Edition, you may know which kind of instant message software your workmates are using, when they get online or offline and even what they are talking and record all the chat messages.All Email message send or recv by client program

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Network Assistant 4.5: Real-time communication utility for the office environment
Network Assistant 4.5

Message board. You can post messages to common shared board. For each message you can specify its priority, life length. - User details. You can view details of remote users and specify your own details: full name, gender, age, work/contact information and picture (photo). - Instant messaging. Network Assistant supports its own instant messages and WinPopup/Messenger messages as well. - File transfers. You can easily send and receive files. You can

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I.M. Frame 2.6.98

Instant Messenger, which adds much needed features to the basic AIM interface. With I.M. Frame, you can: - Send and receive encrypted Instant Messages (NEW!) - Automatically log all your Instant Messages. - Easily locate, sort and view your IM logs with the Log Manager. - Hold all of your IMs in a single window and cut down on desktop clutter while IMing several friends. - Use the Tab key to switch between IMs. - Use custom nicknames for members. -

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Parent Tools for AIM 2.0.1

Instant Message and Chat Room conversations: Parent Tools comes loaded with powerful tools to monitor all chat and instant message conversations from any screen name on your computer. Saved conversations are hidden, compressed, and encrypted for maximum security. Limit online time to a certain number of hours per day: Set online time limits for all screen names or create different limits for each different screen name on your computer. Create an

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AM LAN Messenger 6.0: AM LAN Messenger the LAN Messenger for office, free for 20 users.
AM LAN Messenger 6.0

messages for record needs; 3. Administrator can add/delete user groups or change user from one group to another one. And then, user will see same structured user list from client end program. 4. Start, stop, or restart message server. Administrator can configure settings on client side, send broadcast message, branding messenger client with company logo and name. On the client side: 1. Send instant message (can send offline message) Using AM LAN


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Vigorous Enterprise Messenger 5.03

message - Send message to whole department or even whole company. Remote screenshots - View screenshots of a remote screen. Message history - Refer back to a previous conversation to reference a message. Offline sending file or message - Messages or files sent to offline users are stored temporarily by server and will be send when they are first logged-in. Contact list - Different views of contact list, including sort by department, sort by online

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